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Music Groups

Ukulele Course (6 & up)

Ukulele Course (6 & up)

Back by popular demand! Learn to play and sing your favorite songs! Ukulele classes at Yamaha offer a great opportunity to develop musicianship...

Apple Course (age 2)

Apple Course (age 2)

  Two-year-olds are filled with raw creativity and are without inhibitions, approaching everything with passion and curiosity. When given the...

Music Wonderland (ages 3 to 4)

Music Wonderland (ages 3 to 4)

Music Wonderland is designed to provide children with an introduction to music in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Together with their...

Junior Music Course (ages 4 to 5)

Junior Music Course (ages 4 to 5)

Early childhood is the ideal time to start music lessons. At this age, the ear is at its peak of sensitivity. Learning music is as natural as...

Young Musicians Course (ages 6 to 8)

Young Musicians Course (ages 6 to 8)

The Young Musicians Course is a great way for children to begin a lifetime enjoyment of music.  The three-year curriculum develops musicianship...

Piano Club (ages 8 to 10)

Piano Club (ages 8 to 10)

Piano Club is a two-year program designed to teach beginning students, aged 8 to 10, how to play and enjoy a wide variety of piano styles.  Basic...

Keyboard Club (ages 11 & up)

Keyboard Club (ages 11 & up)

Keyboard Club is the fun way to learn more about keyboards. This two-year program for beginners is designed to teach you about today’s electronic...

Private Lessons

Yamaha Music School offers private lessons to students with previous musical experience or graduates of group programs only.

Popular Music Courses


Guitar Course (ages 7 to adult)

Chording, soloing and band playing, all taught in a group setting – the best way to learn guitar. The course covers many styles, note and...

Voice Course (ages 8 to adult)

Learn healthy breathing and vocal techniques in a variety of styles, such as popular, rock, classical, musical theatre, jazz, or folk. Improvise...

Drum Course (ages 10 to adult)

One of the most popular Yamaha courses worldwide, this group course teaches not only kit playing, but proper technique and reading skills. The...

Violin Course (ages 7 to adult)

Students are grouped according to age and experience level. A well-organized curriculum and motivating software accompaniments make the early...

Cello Course (ages 8 to adult)

Both group and private lessons are available. Students learn the correct way to hold and play the instrument, as well as a firm grounding in...

Flute and Saxophone Courses (ages 8 to adult)

Yamaha’s flute and saxophone classes feature great repertoire, motivating accompaniment and practical exercises that make learning woodwinds more...

Yamaha Music School

Innovative music lessons and classes from beginner through advanced for children, teens, and adults.


Achilles has grown from a little boy who had to climb to the bench to play his piano to a teenager who is composing his own music. Yamaha played a fundamental role in making music a part of his life. As a parent, there are no words to express how much I've enjoyed watching him exploring his learning journey under Yamaha's guidance. I can't thank the school enough for enriching our lives in such an important and beautiful way.

Shengnan / parent

Oliver (Manning) has been an incredible instructor and motivates the children beautifully. (My daughter) has learned so much.

Parent - Survey / Parent

Ms. Vanessa Hsu‘s subtle encouraging style and naturally playful manner are big contributors to my daughter’s (and my) enjoyment of the piano lessons in the past two years.  This enjoyment has helped my daughter grow fond of music, and more importantly helped her become engaged and comfortable in classes.   I was almost in tears when I saw her play in front of the class and on the big stage during the school concert...for her improvement in courage and comfort level in public.  It was almost unthinkable merely two months ago when she shied away from activities like these.  Above all, I feel Ms. Hsu genuinely cares the feelings of students and parents which is the most needed when things are difficult.  Ms. Vanessa’s class materials are very clear and well structured.  She is very responsive to our inquiries and requests as well.  We really enjoyed being in her class and look forward to her classes in the coming school year!

Ellen M / Parent

Hi Richard,

Faith has received 92% for her (Basic Rudiments) theory exam.  She is pleasantly surprised.  We're very proud of her.

We'd like to sincerely thank you for the theory class during the summer.  Faith had a lot of fun!

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher.   We will work Faith to plan for the preparation of intermediate / advanced levels of exam.

Jenny C / Parent

I've been very impressed with Miss (Vanessa) Hsu. She has a very positive manner. I've found it to be very age appropriate. In JMC1 it has been excellent for everything to be experienced positively. (She) creates an environment very supportive of learning. She is engaging and has a real gift for teaching. Her knowledge is very deep and she brings a rich amount of information, and also just the right amount of information to each class. She is also very well organized. Her manner is also subtle in a way that is very respective and gives people room to learn. I'm very grateful for the experience we've had in her course.

Parent - Survey / Parent

Dear Richard (Stewardson), I would like to express my very deepest gratitude for your thoughtfulness and concern teaching David these last few years. He has enjoyed it a lot, and I think you’ve had a very positive influence on him during an important time in his life. I cannot thank you enough for all your help.

Allan / Parent

Mr. (George) Heldt is an excellent teacher: patient, friendly, and smart.

Parent - Survey / Parent

"Oliver (Manning) is a very knowledgeable, energetic, friendly, and humorous piano teacher, who has a great understanding of children and a wonderful approach to teaching them. My son has always wanted to attend his piano classes each week, and only missed a class if it was absolutely necessary.

Our family's goal was to have our son develop an appreciation and understanding of piano, and music in general. With Oliver as teacher, we have surpassed this goal! Not only does my son love music, singing, and piano, but he has learned theory and how to play the piano. He has also made new friends. Additionally, he applies the skills he has learned in his music classes at school."

Karen / Parent

Junior Original Concert is the best thing any Yamaha student can have, what a rich performing experience it is for a child in that tender age. We still remember and appreciate all the good things everybody at Yamaha did for us. It was 10 years of fun and excellent learning experience for my daughter; something she'll remember and cherish for the rest of her life. We still talk about it once in a while and she feels that her ties are still strong with Yamaha as she still goes to the school for lessons every Saturday when she's not racing as a competitive swimmer.

Yvonne / Parent

Jeff (Greenway) is a very engaging,enthusiastic, kind and fun to be around teacher. I believe he is a real asset to your school.

Olga L. / Parent

I've heard that playing piano would be helpful to slowing aging by using our eyes, brain and of course fingers. Playing piano has become an important part of my life. I'm glad I've started.

Eiko S / Parent

Very happy with Ms. (Makiko) Mori. She loves children and she is a natural teacher, very passionate about music, too. Very lucky to have her teach (my daughter). We were thinking of switching to private lessons in our home, but will stay on because of Ms. Mori.

Parent - Survey / parent

You offer a unique experience with playing ensembles and performing for the class often that private lessons cannot offer. Also, Jeff (Greenway) has taught my daughter how to come up with chords to match a melody.

Parent - Survey / parent

Akira: We sometimes make our own music pieces and when we have no idea how to do it, our teacher never tells us "do it like this" or gives us the answer. That’s why we have to think of it ourselves and learn ourselves. I have to think really hard and come up with my own music. I really, really have to use my head but I learn a lot of new things so I like it. It’s like a treasure hunt and going on a mission to find it. It makes me happy.

Craig: It’s not just about learning to enjoy music, it gives the children the ability to think, finish what they start, and try new things. I can see that at Yamaha, each step they grow, they gain self-confidence and it’s very enjoyable. - excerpt from interview in Torja Magazine, Nov 2011, pg 36.

Akira and Craig T / Students

As a former Yamaha student currently studying Music and Concurrent Education at Queen's University, I doubt I’d be here if it weren’t for the solid musical foundation I received from Yamaha. I was involved in Yamaha programs from the ages of 3-16, and the Yamaha teaching method was instrumental in developing my musicianship. In addition, part of what inspired me to go into Concurrent Education was working as a practice coach– it was an amazing experience to get to work with young children and help them learn.

Pamela / Former Student