Feeling sluggish in your practice routine? You are not alone. The colder weather and darker days seem to slow all of us down. Check out these practice tips below to help freshen up your practice times!

Why Practice?
  • To acquire/maintain proficiency and confidence in music to enjoy continuous learning and share music with others
  • Teach children about discipline, perseverance, and the joy of making music
  • Every child is unique, celebrate their every achievement with them and be tactful in the way you correct
Practice Space
  • Inviting and distraction-free
  • Appropriate keyboard/Bench/music stand height/ instrument set up for good posture
  • CD/DVD player/materials set up (if applicable)
When to Practice
  • Set a regular practice time when your child learns best (morning/afternoon/night)
  • Working parents who supervise your children’s practice: put effort into substantial weekend practice sessions, with short reviews during weeknights/ before school
During Practice
  • If you play the instrument too,  start playing the instrument first. Your child will join you!
  • Emphasize good posture/hand form
  • Balance practice time – mix up the different homework items: singing, playing, reading, movement, etc.
  • For parents who supervise your children’s practice: let your child play “teacher”, asking you to play or sing. Make a mistake and let your child correct you
Make Music Part of Their Lives
  • Listen to the pieces they are practicing (CD/DVD) a lot (in the car, during bathtime, before school, before bed)
  • Set a concert time at the end of each week (perhaps the evening before lesson day, or at any friends/family gathering) where the whole family can “attend”. Your child may wish to dress up to make it extra fun
  • If you course material includes the magnet board, use it for bedtime story!
During Class (if you attend class with your child)
  • Show your love for music. Put your phone away in class. Your enthusiasm to learn is infectious
How Often to Practice
  • At least 3-4 days a week
  • Aim for shorter but consistent practice sessions for younger students


Don’t forget that you can always discuss your practice with your instructor to figure out realistic practice goals and steps to achieve them. Happy practicing everyone!