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School Policies

(2022/2023) School Policies

Registration and Payments

The terms covered by the registration agreement will be considered in effect upon Yamaha receiving payment or payment information for the holding of a class placement.  Informing an instructor or the office of intent to register without complete registration and payment will not hold a student’s placement. Full payment must be received at the time of registration. Full payment includes annual registration fee, tuition fees, concert and finance fees (if applicable) and any outstanding payments from the previous school year. Lessons cannot start until registration is complete.

Registration Fees

A $20.00 NSF fee is applied to a student account for each NSF cheque. Lessons will stop upon our being notified of an NSF cheque or declined payment and will not resume until the amount is brought up to date. Three consecutive NSF cheques or declined payments will result in Yamaha suspending the amount until payments are brought up to date. The account will then be reactivated.

CREDIT CARD: MasterCard, VISA online via our new payment portal.

DEBIT CARD: Limited to some banks, online via our new payment portal

*NOTE: If registering by phone, we can accept credit card payments only.

PROOF OF REGISTRATION: Students must bring proof of registration – a copy of the registration form issued by the school office – to the first lesson to be admitted and receive any applicable materials.

Yamaha Music School reserves the right to adjust the length of lesson time at any point in the year should the size of the group class decrease as follows:

Size of Group Tuition Fee Length of Lesson
3 students group rate 45 min lesson
2 students group rate 30 min lesson

ANNUAL CONCERT FEES: A concert fee is part of the annual tuition fees for group course students, except students in Apple, MW, JSAC/SAC, SKC, and Theory. There is no tuition credit or refund of the concert fee if the student does not attend the concert or terminates lessons.

Missed Lessons

MISSED GROUP LESSONS: Homework assignments are made available to parents and students for missed group lessons. Extra help sessions may be scheduled at the instructor’s discretion. There is no refund for any missed group lessons unless the school or instructor cancels the lesson.

MISSED PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons (and make-up lessons) cancelled by the student can be made up provided that a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is received by the instructor and the cancellation is due to good cause (eg. illness). If a make-up lesson cannot be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, credit is issued if a completed Credit Request Form is signed by the instructor and submitted to the front desk. Please note that a maximum of 2 lesson cancellations with 24 hours’ notice, including make-ups, are accepted for credit per student per school year. Multiple cancelling/re-scheduling of the same lesson counts as multiple cancellations.

LESSON CREDITS AND REFUNDS: The school will process ALL MISSED LESSON CREDITS at the end of the school year and apply them to registration for the following school year.


Written notice for 4 consecutive lessons is required to withdraw from lessons. Written notice may be given on the Yamaha Music School Withdrawal Form, by email to school@yamaha.ca, or by letter submitted to the front desk. The 4-lesson period commences upon receipt of the Withdrawal Form. Tuition is payable for the duration of the 4-lesson period whether lessons are attended or not. Tuition refunds will not be granted for withdrawal notice received after Monday, March 27th, 2023 (no refundable lessons April, May and June 2022).  It takes approximately 60-90 days for refunds to be processed. Informing an instructor of intent to withdraw, or not attending classes, does not constitute withdrawal from lessons. No refunds/credits for SKC except due to illness (a physician’s letter must be provided).

Suspension of Students

Yamaha Music School reserves the right to suspend students for non-payment of tuition or inappropriate conduct. We expect all students, parents and teachers to treat each other with respect and consideration.

Cancellation of Instruction

Yamaha Music School reserves the right to withdraw any course or level of instruction, or to change an instructor of any lesson, or to close any Music Centre location at any time without notice or liability other than to refund tuition fees received for lessons cancelled due to such withdrawal or closing.

Transfer Fee

A $20.00 transfer fee is charged to students transferring to a new lesson/day/time/instructor after September 30th.

Lesson Start Date

Yamaha Music School reserves the right to determine the start date for all lessons. Start dates may be postponed if enrolment is not sufficient to form a group.

Results of Music Examinations, Assessments and/or Competitions

There are no refunds or credits for fees paid for music examinations, assessments and/or competitions, or for tuition paid for lessons that may include preparation for music examinations, assessments and/or competitions where any party deems the results of said music examinations, assessments and/or competitions unsatisfactory. Yamaha Music School accepts no responsibility for results students achieve on music examinations, assessments and/or competitions. Students and/or parents are encouraged to fully discuss the requirements and expectations of music examinations, assessments and/or competitions with their instructor in advance of submitting an application.

Unattended Minors

Yamaha Music School does not assume any responsibility for the well-being and safety of minors who are left unattended on school premises, in common areas and the underground parking garage at 169 Enterprise Blvd.

Personal Property

Yamaha Music School does not assume any responsibility for personal property (including, but not limited to clothing, cameras, cell phones, laptops, tablets, purses, wallets, vehicles, etc.) lost, damaged or left unattended on school premises, in common areas and the underground parking garage at 169 Enterprise Blvd.

Photograph & Audio/Video Release

I hereby grant Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. (“Yamaha”) permission to use my name, and to use, reproduce, edit, exhibit, project, display, and publish my image, likeness and sound of my voice, as captured by Yamaha on photographic and/or audio and/or video equipment, without any payment or other consideration.