Started on October 2nd, 2023

Try one of our Short-Term Popular Music Courses in Drums, Guitar or Ukulele for 8-12 weeks. These courses are a fun and engaging way to try a new instrument before you decide which one is for you. After completion of the course, continue with your instrument of choice to further develop your technical and playing abilities.

Course Overview
Age: 10 to adult
Lesson duration: 55 minutes weekly
Classes: group format
Duration: 8-12 weeks

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Drums course

One of the most popular Yamaha courses worldwide, this group course teaches not only kit playing, but proper technique and reading skills. The up-to-date material and accompaniments make this the ideal starting point for all drummers.

Course materials

High quality materials supported by unique and flexible backing tracks, enabling students to feel and play like part of an orchestra or a band.

Popular Music Course – Key features


Play high level pieces in different genres.


Develop ability to listen, sing, read and write notes.


Group lessons that provide a wider music experience that develops both individual and ensemble skills.

Yamaha Music Education System

Starting in Japan in 1954, there are now over 38,000 Yamaha Music Schools around the world.

Since its inception, the Yamaha Music Education System has graduated more than 5,500,000 students with the gift of music that lasts a lifetime.

Systematic Education System
Through extensive research and experimentation, Yamaha has developed its own materials, including textbooks and exam system.

Timely Education
Our curriculum was designed with the stages of a child’s development in mind to inspire and motivate children to learn effectively according to their needs and interests.

Group Lessons
Children learn effectively in a group through making music in ensemble, performing in front of a friendly audience and experiencing the joy of making music together.

Comprehensive Education
Yamaha develops well-rounded musicians with good aural and rhythmic sense. Students are able to do more than just playing an instrument. As they mature in the program, children can improvise and compose their own music with ease.

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