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Re-registration Procedures & Schedule

STEP 1: Read and complete a Registration Form.

  • Check your phone numbers (home, cell, business) address & email
  • Read the School Policies on the back of the Registration Form. Date & sign the form.

STEP 2: Choose payment method and frequency. NOTE: Single-payment payers are charged on September 1st.

STEP 3: Find your registration period start date by choosing the category that best describes your situation.

STEP 4: Submit the Registration Form with your payment(s) to the front desk on or after your registration start date, according to the appropriate category below.

STEP 5: A registration receipt will be issued to you after your registration has been processed.

We strongly recommend that you register for your class early in order to avoid disappointment. Your space is only “reserved” until the next category of students is eligible to register.

NOTE: After your registration wave, the lesson space currently being held for you will be made available to new students.

Registration Form

*Do you have the appropriate keyboard at home? If it is time for you to purchase a new instrument, talk to us about the benefits of the Yamaha Instrument Rebate program and how it can help you pay for your tuition.

Thank you again for choosing Yamaha Music School for your music education!

Help us save paper (and trees)!

Once you have finished reviewing the Enrollment Calendar, please return (gently used) ones to Yamaha Music School for reuse or better yet, pass it on to a friend!

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